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Waste Recycling in Carlisle & Cumbria

Our aim is to provide the ultimate service making you, our customer, feel that by using us as opposed to our competitors, you will be making a difference by ensuring that 95% of your waste is recycled. Brampton Skip Hire Ltd & North West Recycling Ltd is responsible for recycling huge amounts of material every year. Each year we take in up to 100,000 tonnes of material and recycle approx 95% (85,000 tonnes per year away from landfill).

Materials Recycling Facility

North West Recycling Ltd and Brampton Skip Hire LtdWe take all waste back to our 16 acre Materials Recycling Facility site, north of Carlisle, where it undergoes numerous processes to produce many products that can be used again in the building and manufacturing industries. These materials have a number of different outlets and we know exactly where all of our recyclates end up.

Waste Is A Valuable Resource

North West Recycling Ltd and Brampton Skip Hire LtdIf treated it can be turned into a saleable material and, as such, a genuine source of income. Our involvement with waste recycling means that Brampton Skip Hire Ltd & North West Recycling Ltd can charge less than our competitors for waste collection as we can make up the difference on the sale of material.

Many of our competitors still take waste directly to landfill leaving a huge carbon footprint and as a consequence must also charge more.

Cardboard and Paper

North West Recycling Ltd and Brampton Skip Hire LtdCARDBOARD

Cardboard is manually pulled out of the waste in the picking station and we also collect cardboard from many businesses. It is then bulked up baled into 500kg mill size bales and sold in across the UK and overseas into paper mills to be reborn.


Paper is manually pulled out of the waste in the picking station and is also collected in recycling sacks on our collection rounds. It is then bulked up and baled into 500kg mill size bales and sold in across the UK and abroad.


Plastic waste is tipped at our MRF and we separate 7 different types of plastic.


  • Natural Film
  • Clear film
  • Jazz Film
  • Mixed Colours
  • Black Film
  • Farm Plastics
  • UPVC - Door & Window Frames


  • Spouts and Guttering
  • PP - Dumpy Bags & Bulk Feed & Fertilizer Bags
  • PET - drinks bottles and non food packaging


  • Milk jugs
  • Detergent & Shampoo bottles
  • Yoghurt pots


  • Toys & Garden Furniture

A mechanical selector grab is used to sort out the larger bulky items such as garden furniture, window frames and sheets of plastic. The remainder is manually taken out on the picking station and bulked up ready to bale. Baled plastics are sold on to re-processors all over the world.



Grade 1 is clean sawn timber such as pallets and joists and skirting boards. This is shredded through our Dropstaad shredder into a 50mm chip to be sold to Egger UK to be processed into new high quality floorboards which are sold in local builders merchants. This means you can use floorboards made from your recycled wood to use again in house building projects.

Grade 2 consists of chipboard and kitchen units that we remove mechanically and manually from the waste stream.

Green Waste

Green waste is bulked up and sold on for recycling/composting.

Glass Bottles and Plate Glass

We collect and accept glass from Kerbside collection, our collection service, commercial restaurants/pubs and commercial customers. We supply several end users with glass for reuse as bottles, aggregates and filtration. With our vast experience we are able to provide advice on the most cost effective means of glass recycling.

Scrap Metal

We accept all types of scrap metal small quantities such as household items - washing machines, cookers bicycles etc can be delivered into the site Free of Charge and we will pay a premium for larger quantities.

All metals are separated from the waste using electro magnets, selector grabs and manual separation.
The metal will be fragmented and melted down to form new sheet steel for manufacturing.

Non Ferrous (aluminum/copper/lead/brass/stainless steel/electric cable/stone).

The Recycling Process
Step 1: Tipping
All waste is tipped at our waste transfer stations.
Step 2: 360 Excavator
The waste is then pre-sorted using an excavator to pick out the larger items.
Step 3: Trommel - Red Picking Line
The waste is then loaded into the hopper, which puts it through various sorting machines.
Step 4: Picking Line Red
Our team of recycling operatives then sort the remaining waste by hand.
Step 5: Picking Bays (Red)
The recycling operatives drop each different type of waste into bays.
Step 6: Trommel - Blue Picking Line
The remaining waste from the red picking line is then loaded onto the blue picking line.
Step 7: Blue Picking Line
The waste passes through a trommel which sieves out small material known as “fines” before recycling operatives again sort the waste by hand.
Step 8: Picking Bays (Blue)
The recycling operatives drop each different type of waste into bays again.
Step 9: Baler
Step 10: Bales
The baler squashes the material into a box shape before being tied with wire. The bales are then sold to manufacturers who turn it into everyday products and the process starts again.

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